[06/06/23] New preprint out! In “Learning the effective order of a hypergraph dynamical system” we introduce a method to learn whether we need more than pairwise interactions to represent the underlying structure of a dynamical system.

[23/05/23] Our paper on network growth interventions was published in Communications Physics!

[05/08/22] Preprint alert! In our paper “Improving the visibility of minorities through network growth interventions” we find that group size and behavioural interventions need to be coordinated to benefit the ranking position of minorities.

[15/12/21] Our paper on consensus dynamics on temporal hypergraphs has now been published in Physical Review E!

[23/09/21] Now published in Applied Network Science: Our paper on simulating systematic bias in attributed networks. Check it out!

[23/09/21] I gave a talk at NetGCoop 2021 (originally NetGCoop 2020) on our conference paper on Opinion dynamics with Multi-Body Interactions

[13/09/21] New preprint out: It was a pleasure to work on consensus dynamics on temporal hypergraphs with Renaud Lambiotte and Michael Schaub. Check it out!

[19/08/21] My advisor Michael Schaub and I have been interviewed for an article in Quanta Magazine on higher-order networks.

[02/07/21] I am co-organising this year’s HONS satellite at Networks 2021 which will focus on Higher-order models in Social Systems. Join us for a great line-up of speakers on July 2nd!

[31/06/21-01/07/21] Join us for the first-ever Women in Network Science (WiNS) Satellite happening as part of Networks 2021.